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About Us

  • We are a brave space to heal, grow, and belong. 

  • We strive to help guide young adults through a spiritual and loving lens as they navigate the world. 

  • We are a community of prayer, reflection, & action. 

  • We love questions & exploration of faith, spirituality, and social issues. 

  • We pattern our lives after the Way of Love & Jesus Movement

  • We are a ministry of The Episcopal Diocese of WNC

  • We seek to respond practically to social injustice, working on transforming our lives as we seek to transform our communities. 

  • We are an open and affirming group that believes that God's love is for everyone: no exceptions. 

  • We are committed to dismantling racism, racial justice, & racial healing. 

  • ALL are welcome & celebrated. 


We believe: 

You are valuable and enough

You are the powerful creator of your own life

You have good reason to be skeptical

You are not alone

You are worthy, you are spirit, you are an artist

You belong and have something to say

You have been hurt in life and have good questions

You are beautiful, loved, and have what it takes

You have a purpose and your opinion matters

You are a necessary part of community

You deserve to flourish & experience joy

You are trustworthy and have something to teach

And that this is true for all

gender identities, sexual orientations, religious affiliations,

abilities, racial identities, ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses. 

 this statement amended from sojourn grace collective

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We believe the love and grace of God is for everyone: no exceptions.

Our Mission

Do Justice. 

Love Kindness. 

Walk Humbly. 

Loving our neighbors as ourselves, we seek to honor the Divine in every person, following in the Way of Love set out by the Jesus Movement. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

ECM is a faith community who welcome all through the celebration of diversity, inclusion, and equity. We seek to grow in the Christian faith through relationship-building in worship, spiritual practice, service, and educational opportunities. We work to build a loving community that honors mind-body-spirit and that seeks to enact God's compassion and justice in the world. 

Wherever you are on your faith journey, you are celebrated and welcome here. 

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